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Functional therapy

Perfect interaction of the masticatory system

When there is a functional disorder of the masticatory system the functional therapy will help to solve your problem. This kind of therapy is a very young but also important discipline in dentistry.


There are close links between emotions and the masticatory system. It is assumed that the masticatory system is an outlet for accumulated emotions. Unfortunately the number of patients with such a disorder increases.


A modern dentist has to understand those links and diagnose this dysfunction in order to initiate the right treatment steps.

Both functional and aesthetic demands must be considered with restoration and reconstruction of the masticatory system. Otherwise the measures taken are programmed to fail. Prior to every artificial dentition, implant treatments or existence of signs of a functional disorder, we carry out a functional analytical examination.

Depending on the diagnosis there are different ways of therapy:


  • active-repetitive exercises
  • physiotherapeutic measures
  • medicinal anesthesia
  • dental measures
  • occlusal splint


Although the functional disease of the masticatory system is a veritable disease there are no corresponding settlement items for the examination and its treatment in the accounting catalogue of the statutory health insurance yet. Unfortunately therefore patients who are insured via the statutory health insurance must bear their own costs.


Of course every patient will get a detailed estimate prior to the treatment.