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Implants – save, gentle and extremely comfortable

30 years ago implantation became more and more prominent in dentistry. At that time most people were very sceptical. Nowadays implants and their care with dentures is a normal and save treatment method.


With an implant the dentist replaces your natural tooth root with an artificial one.


In our dental office we only use implants made by Straumann. This is a swiss brand which represents good quality and the highest precision. This does not give me a good feeling as your dentist during the treatment phase but also promises a long-term success without any compromises for you as a patient.

Implants are placed through a painless, surgical procedure into the jawbone. After a healing period the implants can be loaded and provided with dentures. With modern methods it is sometimes also possible to place a provisional at the same day of the surgery to make it more comfortable for you. We will be happy to advise you and discuss the precise procedure.


Primarily an implant has the shape of a screw.  To achieve long-term results all screw jacks must be surrounded by bone. Unfortunately there aren’t usually the best conditions when one of the following things happened: a tooth extraction was more complicated than expected and therefore more bone was removed or bone got lost because of previous periodontal diseases. Modern techniques can compensate those losses. The development of bone either happens in the course of the implantation or during a separate procedure prior to the implantation.


Implants allow a strong connection between the artificial root and the unscrewed denture. If necessary, a single crown, a bridge abutment or a holding crown for a protheses could be placed. Similar to a modular system the varieties of combinations are manifold.


We assist you in choosing the right option for you.