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Periodontal treatment

Periodontosis is a condition that is incredibly common. It happens when gums have become infected, sore, and swollen. According to scientific studies 84% of people at the age of 35-44 already have signs of periodontosis. Over time the gingival pockets become increasingly deeper, leading to long-term loss of the gums, loosening of the teeth, and eventually loss of teeth.


Chronic inflammation of the periodontium is the most common cause of tooth loss with adults! The main cause of periodontosis is bacterial plaque. If the plaque is not removed, the bacteria migrate from the teeth to the gum and settle in gingival pockets around the teeth. The result is gingival inflammation, recognizable by redness, swelling and pressure sensitivity of the gums as well as frequent gum bleeding. The repertoire of our dental office is to avert periodontal disease via prevention as well as, when needed, to treat it with therapies! A treatment of periodontitis which is carried out according to the recommendations of the German Society for periodontosis, promises good results and takes place according to the following pattern.